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Low Fee Coronavirus Counselling Service

About this service

This is a special service for those on the front line of dealing with the impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19) or who are suffering financially or emotionally as a result.

A group of us are offering a short-term, reduced-fee counselling service during the period of the Coronavirus pandemic to people living in East Lothian.

You might need support because of the extreme pressures of being on the front line as a carer or health worker or as an employee in a shop which is still open; you might be a small business owner with serious financial worries due to the pandemic; or you might have lost someone close to you to Coronavirus. If standard counselling fees are an obstacle to getting the support you need, then this might be the service for you.

This service is short-term - a period of four sessions at £20 per session - and is available either via webcam (e.g. Zoom) or by telephone.

Who can use this service?

You qualify for this service if:

  • you live in East Lothian
  • you are struggling as a direct result of the pandemic
  • you cannot afford standard counselling fees at this time


If you would like to apply to take advantage of the Low Fee Coronavirus Counselling Service, please send an email to lowfee@elcn.org.uk. One of our participating counsellors will reply within 2 working days. If we are unable to offer counselling straight away, we will let you know when a counselling space is likely to become available.

Information we need

In your email to lowfee@elcn.org.uk, please include the following information:

  • an email address or telephone number you would be happy for us to use
  • confirmation that you live in East Lothian
  • days/times of the week that you would be available for counselling